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Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler plays in a unique style. Hes a left-handed, but plays right handed.
Having tried to learn the violin at school for two or three years - right handed - it turned out that by the time he was fifteen, he was into the habit of playing that way round.

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It has some advantages - his strong hand is on the neck for a good vibrato. He can pull or bend three strings all at the same time quite easily. Not using a pick is the main difference in Knopfler style. When the finger picking and picking style were fosing together, he realized he was doing things with fingers that he used to do with a pick but it was more comfortable and more rhythmic with fingers. When "Sultans of Swing" hit the charts in '79, MK's Anarky Stratocaster made players everywhere sit up and take notice.

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Music For Mont Serrat (charity concert w. Eric Clapton among others)

Those tired of prog-rock excess, metal freeboard hysteria, fusion heroics, disco fever, and punk's overt ugliness eagerly embraced Dire Straits' stripped down, no-frills melodicism.
At last! A true champion of clean, unabashedly romantic playing.

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Concert in Copenhagen, 2001

If you click here, you can read an article about the finding of a new species of dinosaur, named after Knopfler. You can also read the review published in BT of the concert in Forum, Copenhagen 2001 by clicking here.
If you would like play some of the songs of Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits, you can download a very large collection of both chords and tabs on my site. The documents are written in html code and zipped.