To acquire a comprehension of the essential areas of responsibility in connection to their

future employment as engineer. These areas are: environmental and working environmental

matters, quality and product liability.

To acquire knowledge to be able to identify and formulate problems and find possibilities

within the areas of responsibility in order to obtain knowledge about different methods of

solving problems within these areas.


The course is based on the fact that, besides from the technical areas that the students will be

responsible for in their future employment, they are often responsible for a number of other areas.

These could be responsibility for

working environment



product liability

These areas must partly be seen as partly integrated, as working environment, environment and

quality already exist within the same management philosophy. Partly the responsibility areas must

be connected to management, as most engineers, besides from a technical responsibility, often get

some kind of management in connection with the above mentioned areas of responsibility.

Duration: 1 module

Category: Study programme course (SE- course)