To give the student knowledge of concepts and theories concerning the

acoustical properties of buildings, building elements and materials.

To give the student knowledge and ability required for performing

calculations, measurements, and for evaluating of acoustical properties of

rooms, building materials and installations in buildings.

Basic definitions and measuring methods.

Room impulse responses (incl. Binaural), echograms and energy decay curves.

Objective room acoustic parameters and their relation to the subjective listening


Incidence of sound waves. Acoustical wall impedance, absorption and reflection of

materials. Concert hall acoustics. Acoustic room modelling. Numerical methods.

Room acoustical wave theory. Room modes. Geometrical and statistical acoustics.

Measuring, calculating and ranking speech intelligibility in rooms.

Sound transmission through partitions. Coincidence. Measuring and rating sound

insulation in buildings and building elements. Flanking transmission. Sound

transmission through double walls. Insulation of facade elements. Impact sound

insulation. Noise from installations.

Standards, laws and regulations.


Fundamentals of Acoustics, Acoustical Measurement Technique.


2 modules


Study programme course (SE-course)